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Ship Building & Ship Repair Services

About GSSB

Vision, Mission & Objectives



   To be the best in class of the industry in the east Coast of Malaysia.




     To achieve a positive growth in every financial year.




      To ensure procurement of raw materials, spares and ship's accessories are carried out in accordance with specification and schedule.


To complete all shipbuilding and ship repair activities within the stipulated period as agreed by customer.


To meet client requirement and satisfaction.


To maintain and enhance overall performance through continuous improvement.


Company Profile


Geliga Slipway Sdn bhd (GSSB) is a Government Contractor for Shipbuilding and Ship Repair under category "BB". It is focussing on growth in those sectors, whilst seriously evaluating opportunities to expand into commercial sectors.


GSSB is a certified ISO 9001:2008 company and registered as a member of Associaton of the Marine Industries of Malaysia (AMIM) since the year 1987.


Besides the common acivities on shipbuilding and shiprepair services, GSSB also has the facilities and vast experience on specialist works i.e.  Maintenance of Gun (Bofors 40/L 70 and Oerlikon), Navigational Aids Equipments , Maintenance of Offshore Marine Hoses and Laying/ Trenching of Submarine pipelines. 

Story of the history & the future

Meet us

Geliga Slipway Sdn Bhd (GSSB) was first registered on 11th October 1983 under the Malaysian Company Acts, as a family-based company, specialises in manufacturing.  Today, GSSB has branches out to be an intergrated Ship Building and Ship Repair company renowed on the East Cost of Malaysia in the Marine Industry.


With over, 32 years of experience in the  Maritime Industries , GSSB has been actively providing wide range of ship repairs and ship building services to the region.  These services include routine and special docking, refurbishment programme of Vessel, Gun/Weapon Maintenance, submarine pipe laying and trenching, repair/renewal of ship's fitting and accessories and other maritime repairs in the industry.  Till date, GSSB has been capable to secure contracts from various Government Bodies due to the values GSSB holds in attending every business.


As GSSB has the capability to expand its portfolio , we are seeking prospects to serves clients in the oils and gas industry. With this, we can position ourself to take the best advantage of future opportunities in various sectors and developing a better spread of busines.




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