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As from January 1998, GSSB shifted its entire operation to Teluk Kalung, 1 km North of Chukai town. This yard is fully equipped with modern facilities for ship building and ship repair services, and other features.
Currently, we are the only yard in east coast of Malaysia that has a dry dock facility. Our dry dock dimension 90m (L) x 18m (W) x 6m (H), which can cater weightage maximum of 2,000 DWT.
Our yard are equipped with 3 slipways which each can accomodate 400 DWT, 600 DWT and 1,000 DWT accordingly. Not to forget, our 3 shipbuilding hangars that completed with 2 x 25T overhead cranes.
For the feel to complete the goal of ours, we have a dedicated workshop for all essential machines in one workshop, namely 'Precision Engineering Workshop'.  A good investment it is as those instrument did contribute to minimize time consumption, making us more confident to provide the optimum services to our clients.

One Stop Centre'

To be the 'East Coast of Malaysia

Facilities & Capacity



 Features namely:
  • Three slipways (400 DWT, 600 DWT and 1,000 DWT complete with transfer rails to Main Hanger),
  • One 2,000 DWT Dry Dock - 90m (L) x 18m (W) x 6m (H)
  • 3 Shipbuilding Hangars complete with 2 x 25 Tons Overhead Cranes
  • Multi-Workshops
  • Offices
  • Store
  • Surau
  • Meeting Room
  • Recreation Site
Besides the common activities on shipbuilding and ship repair services, GSSB also has the facilities and vast experience on specialist works i.e Maintenance of Gun (Bofors 40/L 70 and Oerlikon), Navigational Aids Equipments, Maintenance of Offshore Marine Hoses and Laying/Trenching of Submarine pipelines.
Site and Location
  • situated along Cukai River
  • 1 km North of Kemaman
  • 2 nautical miles from sea/river mouth
  • 12 acres land area with 1km river frontage
  • 0.6km from Main Road Kemaman - Kuala Terengganu
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