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Our Services at its Best

Service from the start



At GSSB, we have promised to deliver the utmost quality to our client. We believed on the quality delivered will create bond between the company and our customers, thus making the business more trustworthy among them. 


It's proven by our few years of successful operation servicing for Sumai, we managed to extend our services and registered as a Goverment Contractor for Shipbuilding and Ship Repair under category 'BB'. 


From there, year by year we've maintained a very good rapport among our clients which are government bodies namely The Royal Malaysian Navy, Royal Malaysian Police (Marine), National Maritime Enforcement Agency, Malaysian Customs, Esso Production (Malaysia) Incorporation, Fisheries Department (Malaysia), Marine Department (Malaysia), and Kuantan Port Authority. Adding into that is a massive list of well-known companies, we're confident with the handshake made before make us one of the leading service provider in Malaysia.

Our Services at its Best

Service from the start

GSSB focused on what our customer wants, and have identified the core item that need to be delivered. On top of that, we have a set of highly skilled and trained technical people that lead the requested process, ensuring smooth execution comprehensively.


We are specialize in:


  • new shipbuilding construction 

  • routine & special docking

  • repair/renewal plating

  • repair/renewal ship's fittings & accessories

  • refurbishment programme of vessel

  • ship's machinery & equipment maintenance

  • ship's electrical equipment maintenance

  • ship's electronic equipment maintenance

  • ship's piping works & system maintenance

  • gun/weapon maintenance

  • tank cleaning & coating

  • blasting & preservation

  • submarine pipe laying & trenching

  • marine hose maintenance

  • cable layering

  • fabrication of gangway

  • fabrication of manifolds for seafastening & foundation

  • pipeline crossing construction

  • concrete mattress & concrete sleeper

  • manpower supply

  • ship delivery services

Technical Service

Ship refurbishment

Shipbuilding construction

Precision engineering

Marine hose maintenance

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